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What’s a Unicorn?

When POD conducts job interviews, we look for something called PUF: the POD Unicorn Factor.

We define a unicorn as someone who embodies all the pillars of our core values: Teamwork, Initiative, Positivity, Integrity, and Performance. These people find the intersection of living our culture and driving collaboration, innovation, and results.

They participate in our (awesome) company culture, bringing fun, innovation, and a little bit of weirdness to the office. A unicorn will crush a client meeting on Monday, dive into strategic research on a Wednesday, and compete in an impromptu hoverboard contest on Friday.

We’re always looking for more unicorns. If you think you’re one of us, take a look at our open opportunities down below. We’d love to see what you’ve got.

POD Perks

When our team members chat about what they love most at POD, the verdict is unanimous: the people.

But working here offers so much more than just fantastic colleagues. Alongside collaborating with these incredible individuals and delving into exciting projects with top-tier clients, here are some other perks you can rave about:

A hybrid work environment with the opportunity to earn increased schedule flexibility.

Fully stocked kitchen & in-house bar.

On-site gym with free Peloton access.

Complimentary spin membership with a local spin studio.

Exclusive discounts from local partners.

A dedicated “Culture Budget” for each department.

Monthly team bonding events.

Generous training allowances.

DiSC & Public Speaking training.

Two-tiered, 6-month leadership development program.

Compensation boosts during parental leave & 5 extra days off upon return.

Strong focus on internal promotions & career growth.

Bi-annual mentorship opportunities.

Collaborate with our non-profit, The PODvocate Project.

Paid time off for volunteering.

In-office arcade games.

Get Notified of New Job Postings

At POD Marketing, we believe in creating an inclusive work environment, which is why we’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We consider and evaluate all qualified candidates based on their qualifications without discrimination based on race, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics.

Open Postings

We are committed to following up with every candidate who applies for a job. Once the posting is closed, please allow 2–4 weeks for us to contact you. If you haven’t heard from us by then, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Great question!

A unicorn is someone who exhibits rare and valuable traits, and brings their best to the table every day. They find the perfect balance between adding to our culture and helping us drive results. Living by our core values, they passionately enhance both the employee and client experiences. For more information about our unicorns and our hiring process, check out this great article from our CEO, Kevin Wilhelm.

Our stance on remote work is rooted in our belief in the value of in-person interactions and collaboration. Although we have a few legacy remote team members, our strategic direction no longer leans towards expanding a remote workforce. All employees are required to reside in Calgary, AB and be present at the office at least twice a week. The other 3 days are up to you! We have some employees in the office full-time, and others who take advantage of working from the couch.

However, we also recognize the appeal and benefits of remote work. That’s why we introduced the “Work From Anywhere” policy, granting every team member 30 remote work days annually. This flexibility means you can opt to work from a sunny locale like Bermuda or simply enjoy an extra quiet day working from the comfort of your home, especially on those not-so-great weather days.

If a remote work arrangement is what you’re seeking, we understand the appeal. However, given our current approach, POD might not be the right place for you.

At POD, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic total rewards package, investing in more than cash compensation. While our offerings continually evolve, here’s a snapshot of what you can anticipate:

We deeply value work-life balance and understand that rest fuels both productivity and passion. In recognition of this, every starting employee is given the equivalent of 29 paid days off. This consists of 3 weeks of vacation, 5 flex days, a passion day, a “MeMonday,” and “Summer Hours.” On top of this, we also observe 12 statutory holidays. Our comprehensive time-off policy underscores our commitment to ensuring our team thrives in a supportive and balanced environment.

Prioritizing our employees’ well-being, we offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits. This includes extended health perks, personal and health spending accounts, and access to an EAP (employee assistance program). This program offers a suite of services, from complimentary counselling and financial advice to resources for tackling personal challenges.

We champion continuous learning and development. Every employee receives an education allowance to fund diverse learning avenues, be it online courses, certifications, or advanced degrees. Your growth is our priority.

Finally, it pays off to stick around. We recognize tenure with service awards, including RRSP matching after one year and a personalized gift after 3 years. Reaching 5 years earns you an additional week of vacation, paid parking and an enhanced benefits package. At 10 years, you’re entitled to a 4-week paid sabbatical.

Absolutely! We strongly believe that hiring the “right person” is more important than hiring the “most experienced” or “most educated.”

We invest in our people. If you’re the type of person who shows up, works hard, and brings their best to the table every day, then you could be the perfect fit. Performance is a huge part of our culture, and we look for people who are eager to go above and beyond for their work and their team.

While education and experience are valuable and certainly not overlooked, do not let a lack of experience or specific education stop you from applying if you feel you’re the perfect fit. It’s worth noting, however, that sometimes the “right person” also has the right education and experience, and in that case, they might edge you out of the running.

Please submit your job applications exclusively via our online job portal. Click here to apply. We kindly ask you not to send applications through LinkedIn or email as they won’t be reviewed.

An employee at POD typically works full time (that Monday–Friday, 9 to 5 kinda deal). They receive a salary, enjoy our benefits, and get to participate in the company culture.

On the other hand, a contractor interacts differently with POD. While they might not partake in our company culture as an employee does, they benefit from unparalleled flexibility. As a contractor, you’re the master of your work schedule. Want to work two 12-hour days a week and have the rest of the week off? Go for it! Prefer to start work at 11 PM and wrap up at 3 AM? Be our guest. You are assigned tasks with deadlines, and as long as you submit them on time and error-free, we don’t care when or where you work!

All the subsequent FAQ answers primarily address the employee perspective. If you’re eyeing a contractor role, most of the FAQ details won’t be relevant to you.

We are committed to following up with every candidate who applies for a job. Once the posting is closed, please allow 2–4 weeks for us to contact you. If you haven’t heard from us by then, don’t hesitate to reach out.

When you submit your application, you should receive an automatic response confirming that we’ve received it. If you can’t find that email, we recommend checking your spam folder. Also, please note that if the initial automated response ends up in your junk mail, a similar fate may await messages from the hiring manager when they contact you directly. So, to ensure you don’t miss any important updates, it’s a good practice to keep an eye on that folder.

At POD, we believe in transparency and want every interview candidate to know exactly what to expect during their interview experience. Read below to learn more about our process.

1. First Interview

The first step in our process is a video-based interview. We ask all our shortlisted candidates to record themselves answering a standard set of questions. Don’t worry—you don’t need to have a professional set-up. A video from your phone is more than enough!

2. Second Interview

For this round, you’ll meet face-to-face at our office with the hiring manager and another person from our team. We’ll have a chat using the same set of questions we ask everyone else. This helps us ensure an even playing field and understand what special qualities you might add to our team if you become our next unicorn.

3. The Project

For many jobs at POD, we’ll ask you to do a small project before your final interview. This helps us see what you can actually do. We aim to keep it short (around 2 hours) and just so you know, it’s all make-believe—we never give out real tasks.

4. The Final Interview

The final interview is a little less structured than the previous 2. You might be asked to do a presentation, or we might just chat about the project you did. Regardless, this interview will be tailored to you.

5. The Follow Up

We believe one of the worst parts about interviewing for a job is the waiting game. That’s why, regardless of the outcome of your interview, we are committed to following up with every candidate who applies.

Our Interviewing Philosophy

Our HR & People Experience team has thoughtfully crafted our interview process to minimize the influence of unconscious bias. Each manager undergoes training to understand what to prioritize during interviews and what to set aside. Through this, we aspire to build a team that’s not only outstanding but also rich in diversity, a true collection of unique unicorns.

When you join us, you won’t be starting alone. We onboard new members in groups, with a dedicated start date each month. This onboarding week is a mix of fun and learning. During this time, you’ll connect with fellow newcomers, meet many of our team members, including senior leaders, and dive into understanding our company’s structure and culture.

While it might seem like a whirlwind of information at first, don’t worry about absorbing it all. The primary goal is to help you acclimate to the office environment and build relationships with your colleagues. By the start of your second week, our aim is for you to feel safe and step into the office with confidence, having forged new friendships and navigated the office landscape. We’re passionate about creating a welcoming atmosphere and dispelling any apprehension associated with starting a new job. Our vibrant team of unicorns eagerly awaits to share the fun with you!

This depends on your role.

While all our departments contribute to marketing across our verticals (Marketing4ECPs, SmileShop, CITIZEN, and LIFT Aesthetic Marketing), the specifics depend on your role and experience. Entry to intermediate-level employees typically gain exposure across industries. However, as you advance in your career at POD, you may find yourself specializing in a particular industry.

No. We pride ourselves on our diverse team, who grew up all over the world! To work with us as an employee, you must be based out of Calgary, AB and legally able to work in Canada. If you don’t fit this criteria and you’re interested in contract work, we have a global team of contractors.

Life at POD

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. Hear directly from POD Marketing Inc. employees why their jobs aren’t something they have to do but rather something they get to do. At the end of the day, it’s all about culture.

Are you ready for a job that accepts you for who you are? Supports and challenges you? Do you want to feel energized by the opportunities to grow, develop, and progress your career? We are always on the lookout for unicorns—check out our open positions!

POD Perks: Candy bar, snack bar, cereal bar, bar-bar, and a culture that raises the bar.

Need we say more?

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