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Sales & Strategy

Our Business Development team thrives on forging valuable relationships. They pinpoint clients and partners that stand to gain the most from our unique offerings. Their proactive approach and keen market insights drive the expansion of new avenues for business growth across our verticals.

Joe Van Kampen

Head of Business Development | CITIZEN

Kate Virzi

Head of Business Development | Marketing4ECPs

Trent Wehrhahn

Head of Business Development | SmileShop Dental Marketing.

Fabiola Coates

Cole Currie

As the linchpins between our clients and services, our Account Managers tailor recommendations based on each client’s marketing aspirations and budget. They not only market our services but also invest time in nurturing enduring client relationships, ensuring a mutual growth trajectory.

Robin Laurenson

Sales Manager

Sherrie Sawkey

Sales Manager

Janet Dunford

Jeff Gataiant

Sadie McInnes

Jenn Bell

Kellan Van Cauwenberghe

Tyler Kemp

Michelle Tran

Brett Bacon

Frances Hoffman

Amanda Smith

Jonathan Hurst-Sneh

Clare-Marie Duggan

Erica McDonald

Lila Swiatylo

Cass Stewart

Navroz Kanji

Nicole Hopf

Websites & Account Services

The Website Fulfillment team oversees the lifecycle of all web projects at POD. Their mission? To guarantee punctual, flawless delivery of our web services, ensuring each project reaches its culmination seamlessly. Their coordination skills ensure a synergy between the design, content, and development phases.

Mariam Ali

Team Lead | Website Fulfillment

Adi Kazic

Team Lead | Website Fulfillment

Brendan Olson

Team Lead | Website Fulfillment

Justin Jeske

Maron Fishbrook

Karlee Bowles

Austen Kazakoff

Ryley Creighton

Kaidyn Romaniuk

Fabian Parra Lara

As the problem solvers of POD, our Account Services team collaborates with both clients and internal units. They address immediate concerns, instituting changes that not only rectify but also prevent future discrepancies. Their proactive approach is the foundation of our client satisfaction.

Steph Young

Team Lead | Account Services

Ahmed Elbaghdadi

Shumaila Halani

Evan Thomson

Hannah Grods

Paul Moran

Nadia Ross

Dedicated to our client websites, the Website Content Strategy mavens artfully craft content. They weave narratives that are congruent with each brand’s voice, driving their overarching business objectives. Their understanding of market trends ensures content relevance and engagement.

Zoey Duncan

Team Lead | Website Content Strategy

Will Cowan

Stephanie Ross

Mohammad Khan

Navneet Sandhar

Our Website Designers conceive and manifest captivating web visuals and layouts. Their creations accentuate our clients’ digital persona, giving brands a distinctive online edge. By constantly staying updated with design trends, they ensure our clients are always at the forefront of digital aesthetics.

Tracy Barakat

Associate Art Director | Websites

Caitlin Paton

Maggie Tang

Arielle Louden

Margaret Vlasova

Peyman Nikkhah

With a combination of creativity and technical prowess, our Website Development team breathes life into clients’ web visions. They handle everything from coding to monitoring, ensuring each website stands out and functions flawlessly. Their dedication ensures our sites are both visually appealing and technically sound.

Jono Hartson

Team Lead | Website Development

Behnam Nikkhah

Ashley Jokinen

Brady Belsher

Nicole Caballero

Enhanced Services

Our PPC & Digital Advertising team, known as the Marketing Science team, diligently manages all client campaigns at POD. We harness the power of paid digital advertising to target the right audience at the right moment. Our strategies are designed to maximize returns, ensuring every campaign dollar is effectively utilized.

Ashley Rode

Manager of Digital Advertising

Alejandra Trujillo

Team Lead | Marketing Science

Yaseen Salem

Trevor Heaver

Theo Olumorin

Masha Kumar

Thomas Jacobs

Jessie Foster

Gaby Blanco-Uribe Fuentes

Summer Abdalla

Jocelyn Chapman Villalobos

The SEO team at POD is dedicated to elevating our clients’ digital presence. We employ a multifaceted approach, from crafting quality blog content and conducting in-depth keyword research to performing thorough audits. Our objective is to enhance rankings, ensuring our clients stand out in the vast digital landscape.

Brynn Low

Manager of SEO

Boris Vujanovic

Claire Laurie

Kieran Chrysler

Sara Strohschein

Vanessa Kisku

Dima Torbunov

Jake Crocker

Vickie Hartlep

At the heart of our Organic Social Media (OSM) team is a passion for authentic engagement. Collaborating closely with our clients, we craft and roll out dynamic social campaigns. These campaigns are tailored to not only boost brand visibility but also increase credibility and drive qualified organic traffic to their platforms.

Tanya Ponkina

Manager of Organic Social Media

Alyssa Robbins

Andie Riera

Sarah Byrne

Nicole Watchorn

Kat Martini

Rose Lee

Our Email Marketing & Automation team excels in crafting effective campaign strategies and creating impactful client emails. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure their messages resonate with their customers. Beyond email, we partner with all departments to automate a diverse range of tasks and communications. This includes automating messages for internal teams and our clients across various platforms such as email, social posting, and more.

Claire Cameron

Kate Atkhari-Allaf

Sara Bracho Remon

Adrianne Reyes

The Analytics & Reporting team oversees a range of responsibilities crucial for data-driven decision-making. They work to ensure accuracy in our reporting and dashboard functionality for our clients and internal teams. Without them, we’d struggle to understand the impact of our marketing efforts.

Payton Karch

Creative Services

Our Visual Design & Art Direction team is at the forefront of creativity, pioneering paths for our designers. Dedicated to ensuring our client’s brands receive exceptional artistic guidance and strategy, they excel in multiple domains, including digital design, brand design, and video production.

Diana Maleshri

Manager of Visual Design & Art Direction

Sonia Perera

Setting the gold standard for content is our Editing & Content Strategy team. They meticulously oversee, proof, and elevate every content piece crafted for our clients and brands. Their vigilance ensures we adhere to industry standards and guidelines, offering peace of mind to our clients.

Keri Sculland

Manager of Editing & Content Strategy

Heather Hobma

Jeff Shermack

Samantha Purchase

Self-dubbed as the “Best Team” at POD, our Internal Marketing enthusiasts spearhead initiatives to boost POD’s visibility. From lead generation to amplifying brand recognition, they’re also on the lookout for the next big talent—our future ‘unicorns.’ Their creative campaigns set the standard for promoting our brand’s prowess.

Natasha Scott

Team Lead | Internal Marketing

Kehna Yip

Hailey Dirk

Daniel Jacobs

Andrea Rizzuti

Team Lead | Production Management

Corporate Services

Our Finance team ensures the financial integrity and stability of our organization. Every financial transaction, be it budget allocations, investment decisions, or ensuring timely salaries, falls under their vigilant watch. They play an instrumental role in making sure that everyone is compensated for their hard work, keeping the economic heartbeat of our company steady and strong.

Safeer Rashid


Matt Hicks

Denise Thorpe

Sydney Regehr

The HR & People Experience team is dedicated to overseeing the holistic employee journey—from the moment someone learns about POD, through the growth of their career with us. They’re champions of creating and maintaining a fair, equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Always re-evaluating and innovating, they strive to enhance the employee experience at every turn. Their broad spectrum of responsibilities includes overseeing talent acquisition, shaping our employment brand, facilitating learning and development, performance management, and curating our total rewards package—which, in our humble opinion, is pretty great!

Alaina Cowan

Shannon Giorgini

Anna Liboiron

Maddy Hosking

Senior Leadership

Our Senior Leadership team leads us boldly into the future by creating short-, medium-, and long-term goals that help us embody our mission and values and enjoy the wonderful world of POD.

Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm

President & Co-Founder

Karim Ali

Karim Ali

CFO & Co-Founder

Wade Horb

Wade Horb

Vice President of Sales & Strategy

Jason Wellman

Jason Wellman

Vice President of Operations & Member Solutions

John van Dorp

John van Dorp

Director of Technology & Infrastructure

Kate Fulton

Kate Fulton

Director of Human Resources & People Experience

Alex Paisley

Alex Paisley

Director of Digital Marketing

Jill Nowak

Jill Nowak

Director of Mergers, Acquisitions, & Integrations

Salim Dharsee

Salim Dharsee

Director of Websites & Account Services

Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander

Creative Director

Bryan Sawin

Bryan Sawin

Director of Sales

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POD Perks: Candy bar, snack bar, cereal bar, bar-bar, and a culture that raises the bar.

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